' Abstractive Landscape Art - Lisa Kozokowsky - Intuitive Painting

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artist statement

I consider my art to be abstractive landscape since I interpret my subject matter with a certain amount of visual illusion along with artistic latitude. My art is a vehicle for people to tap into their own emotions. I believe that beauty exists in the natural as well as man-made environment, even when we are struggling to make sense of environmental chaos.

Because I enjoy painting in such a large format, the process is a very physically demanding manner. I'm constantly moving, kneeling, pacing, jumping and srtetching to create my pieces. This process helps me to understand the next step. I work from the perspective of colour; always mixing my palette before I know the subject matter. This is called "Intuitive" painting and it is only when the mixing is done and the first few layers of oils or wax are applied do I get a sense of what direction I am going. Metals and gold or silver leaf is often mixed into the pigments as well as ground minerals. I can then add more layers of wax. This gives my art an inner glow that is very dimensional.

See what you may and enjoy the journey!